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Sunsea AIoT Unveils Its Latest 5G Products Today!



On June 26, the opening day of MWC19, Sunsea AIoT attracted attention from lots of leaders, guests and media friends at the launch of its latest 5G products. Sunsea AIoT executive vice president Mr. Li Bin and Qualcomm senior sales director Mr. Xian Lei were invited to unveil the new products together.

With the issuance of the 5G commercial license, China has become the fifth country to enter the era of 5G services. 5G technology is the basis for the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT). In the era of 5G, there will be lots of applications beyond our imagination. The basic technologies invented by Sunsea AIoT are changing everyone's life. Its courage to be the first inspires everyone. Sunsea AIoT is stepping up the pace in the fast development of 5G, breaking the boundaries of communication technology and laying the foundation for our ecological partners’ innovation. The in-depth cooperation between the company and a number of industrial leaders in the latest application of 5G technologies accelerates the commercialization of 5G products. It’s our common vision and mission to make continuous innovation together for the development of 5G in China, have in-depth cooperation in 5G and AIoT, empower each other and achieve intelligent interconnection of everything for a better future.

Mr. Li Bin showed us in detail the 5G module, 5G CPE, 5G intelligent gateway, 5G UAV, 5G robot and many other innovative achievements in 5G practice, which made their world debut at the product launch. Coolpad COO Mr. Xu Yibo, Cloud Minds cofounder Mr. Yang Guanghua and Four-Faith general manager Mr. Tang Shibin were invited to launch the latest 5G applications with Sunsea AIoT. Many professional journalists from C114, IT168, People’s Posts and Telecommunications News, MixLink, and Beareyes witnessed the innovation and development of IoT at the launch event. Their questions were answered by Mr. Li Bin one by one.

Sunsea AIoT will work with our strategic partners to consolidate every step, witness this great change and take the next step of innovation and exploration. The events on June 26 are over and more exciting launch events will be held on June 27. Everyone interested is welcome to Booth N4-E30 of Sunsea AIoT to bear witness to the historical moment together.